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GT Services Limited

Fund Management Activity

One industry requires legal persons to hold an investment licence and be regulated by the FSC; to manage independent portfolios, mutual funds, pension schemes, investment-linked insurance products, and other related investment categories.

Segregated Portfolios: An independent portfolio company (SPC) creates one or more portfolios to separate assets and liabilities, preventing (I) the company from mixing assets and liabilities held in each individual portfolio or (II) assets and liabilities that are not part of any independent portfolio. An SPC may issue one or more classes of shares, and the proceeds derived from the issuance of shares in a separate portfolio must be summarized in the assets of the same independent portfolio. Each portfolio’s name is required to contain a “Separated Portfolio Independent Portfolio” or SP or S.P.

Core income-generating areas are decisions to hold and sell investments; Calculating risks and reserves; to make decisions on currency or interest fluctuations and hedging positions; Regulated by government authorities and prepared for investors, that is, fund management business.

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