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GT Services Limited

Finance & Leasing Activity

In one business, rent is collected from the lessee on a regular basis through the provision of rental equipment. In accordance with the requirements of the enterprise, the leasing company shall raise funds to provide equipment leases that replace “financing” with “financing”, and during the lease term, the enterprise as a lessee shall have only the right to use the object of the lease, has no ownership, and shall, in accordance with the provisions of the lease contract, pay rent to the leasing company on a regular basis.

At the end of the lease term, the lessee delivers to the leasing company a small amount of the nominal loan price of the lease object (i.e., the symbolic residual value of the leased object), and both parties can handle the transfer of property rights of the lease object.

Leasing companies for the general public, the target audience includes individuals, enterprises (including private, private, state-owned, and other types of enterprises), institutions, institutions, and groups of service operators, production processors, equipment manufacturers, and high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises. This is the financing or leasing business.

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