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S e r v i c e s

Virtual Office Services

All companies incorporated are required to have a registered address. However, if you are primarily based offshore or that if you are a start-up business and have not leased a place of business yet, then we can provide an office address to act as your business office.

The Registered Office Address is the ongoing compliance of incorporation and business registration in Hong Kong. Every Hong Kong limited company must provide a local physical address to the Companies Registry on company registration and maintain the address after incorporation.

Correspondence Address, Mailing address and Forwarding

If you would like us to handle letters from other senders and/or if you want to use an address as a correspondence address with other parties, we can offer our Mailing Address and Mail Forwarding services, so that you can receive mails sent to the specified address. The address can be in Hong Kong or other jurisdictions.  Mail or message can be forwarded to you either on an agreed or pre-arranged basis.

Other Services

Company Formation & Business Establishment
Company Secretarial Services
Bookkeeping, Accounting & Audit Services
Value Added Services