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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are collectively referred to in Hong Kong, while intellectual property rights are collectively referred to in Taiwan as intangible independent property rights, including trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, design rights, plant variety protection rights, and the design rights of integrated circuits. And music and literature and other forms of art, as well as some inventions, words, phrases, symbols, design can be regarded as intellectual property.

Company name ≠ trademark is the commercial subject in its provision of goods or services used, the general enterprise registered trademark will be marked on the trademark name of a ® mark, which is the exclusive right of registered trademarks, not registered trademarks can not do so. The logo also serves as a warning to prevent others from using the same trademark graphic or trademark name without permission.

Intellectual property is “geographical”, i.e. it is obtained only in the country or region in which the application is made and authorized, and foreign protection must be sought and obtained if it is to enjoy the exclusive intellectual property rights of foreign markets.

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