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In the blink of an eye, in December, did you submit your annual report on the Economic Substantive Act of 2019 ("ES")? Not yet hurry up the time, the deadline is near, hurry to declare Lama! If not submitted without reasonable grounds, the offense may be extended to the directors of the company and severe

Previously, we have demonstrated the nine major economic substantive related activities, there have some ways to test your entities whether they have complied with Economic Substance Law. Economic Substance Test a. Activities generates income from the industry b. Appropriate manage relevant activities c. Determine the level of activities that should be expected based on the level of

Intellectual property rights are collectively referred to in Hong Kong, while intellectual property rights are collectively referred to in Taiwan as intangible independent property rights, including trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, design rights, plant variety protection rights, and the design rights of integrated circuits. And music and literature and other forms of art,

Holdings can be simply divided into two types: Pure Passive Equity Holdings and Active Equity Holdings. A holding company is any company that owns a majority stake in a company and may itself be a general enterprise, but its existence is only a company holding shares. These holding companies do not produce their own

An institution called a 'company' that produces products or provides services to the public; The other, which owns only a majority stake in other companies, is sufficient to influence or vote for its management team to control and operate an institution called a 'holding company' or a 'parent company'. "Holding Company" is characteristic of

In one business, rent is collected from the lessee on a regular basis through the provision of rental equipment. In accordance with the requirements of the enterprise, the leasing company shall raise funds to provide equipment leases that replace "financing" with "financing", and during the lease term, the enterprise as a lessee shall

One industry requires legal persons to hold an investment licence and be regulated by the FSC; to manage independent portfolios, mutual funds, pension schemes, investment-linked insurance products, and other related investment categories. Segregated Portfolios: An independent portfolio company (SPC) creates one or more portfolios to separate assets and liabilities, preventing (I) the company from

Distribution - I believe you know what it is, is the activity of selling goods from producers to consumers through certain channels; In the BVI Economic Substantive Act, distribution and service centres refer to trade from entities of the same group, such as the purchase of parts or materials for goods, the resale of

What kind of industry is it to rent or lease a ship for the use of the sea for the transportation of passengers, animals, goods, or mail? The core revenue-generating range of the industry (CIGA -Core Income Generating Activity) includes the management of crew members (i.e. hiring, paying compensation, and supervising crew conduct); The

Headquarters operations, on the other hand, are organization-related concepts that provide any service to entities in the same organization, such as (1) providing senior management; (2) taking significant risks to any entity in the same group or controlling their activities; (3) Provide substantive advice on anticipating and assuming the risks required, or control. Does