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Company Formation & Business Establishment

We provide a comprehensive range of company formation services in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions with our professional assistance aiming to determine the best corporate structure for the clients in the global market.

Offshore Company

Potential uses

• As a top holding company
• Easy to operate in local markets
• Tax planning
• Listing plan
• Protection of shareholder information
• Property holding

Offshore jurisdictions

There are many offshore jurisdictions to incorporate a company , British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Samoa, just to name a few. This kind of company is generally not subject to any profits tax, and can be listed in other countries or regions. Therefore, it is usually the best choice for most of the multinational enterprises to carry out structural arrangements. We work closely with lawyers in jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the Cayman Islands to help our clients resolve many of the legal challenges of introducing offshore companies.

British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Cayman Islands





Marshall Island

Minimum Requirements for registration
in popular offshore jurisdictions

British Virgin Island (BVI) Cayman Islands Samoa Seychelles Anguilla
Political Stability High High Med High Med High High
British Based Legal System Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Type of Company BC Exempted IC IBC IBC
Incorporated with foreign name Allow Allow Allow Allow Allow
Standard Authorised Capital 50,000 shares
(with or without
par value
divided into
50,000 shares of
US$1.00 each
US$1,000,000 US$1,000,000 US$50,000
Accounting Requirement None None None None None
Taxation (on profits) 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
shareholder (minimum) 1 (individual / corporate) 1 (individual / corporate) 1 (individual / corporate) 1 (individual / corporate) 1 (individual / corporate)
Director (minimum) 1 (individual / corporate) 1 (individual / corporate) 1 (individual / corporate) 1 (individual / corporate) 1 (individual / corporate)

Service Scope

Administrator services handling

Incorporation handling

Certificate of Incumbency or Good Standing Certificate

Hong Kong and foreign Corresponding Adress

Documents Certification

Online Application

To learn more about incorporating an offshore company, contact us now.

    Hong Kong Company

    Hong Kong has been a leading international finance and business center in the world. It is a territory equipped with stable political environment, well-developed infrastructure, ever-growing capital market, highly educated working professionals, best path to Mainland China and an attractive tax regime which levies a profits tax at the flat rate of 16.5%  on Hong Kong operations, NO VAT, GST and other taxes.  Banks in Hong Kong offer multi-currency accounts with full Internet Banking system; no foreign exchange control.  

    Minimum requirements for Hong Kong company registration

    • 1 Shareholder (natural person/corporate, no restriction on nationality or residency)
    • 1 Director (at least 1 natural person over 18 years old, no restriction on nationality or residency)
    • 1 Company Secretary (must be a HK resident or a licensed Trust or Company Services Provider)
    • 1 Registered Office (must be based in HK)
    • Minimum one share to be issued (par or no par value)
    • No capital investment or business nature required or specified

    Other Services

    Company Secretarial Services
    Virtual Office Services
    Bookkeeping, Accounting & Audit Services
    Value Added Services