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In the blink of an eye, in December, did you submit your annual report on the Economic Substantive Act of 2019 ("ES")? Not yet hurry up the time, the deadline is near, hurry to declare Lama! If not submitted without reasonable grounds, the offense may be extended to the directors of the company and severe penalties will be imposed. Warm reminder: Companies that no longer operate (struck off) are liable and continue to report economic substance ("ES") annual reports for seven years until

Previously, we have demonstrated the nine major economic substantive related activities, there have some ways to test your entities whether they have complied with Economic Substance Law. Economic Substance Test a. Activities generates income from the industry b. Appropriate manage relevant activities c. Determine the level of activities that should be expected based on the level of income For further assistance or questions, please contact GT Services at SOLVE IN ONE TICK 🥰