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S e r v i c e s


Trademark is very Valuable for any business, we will help you to secure the business name and the Company logo to protect your intellectual property so other companies can’t use your brand name without your permission.


A trademark refers to a symbol, image, logo, or other mark that sets your services or goods apart from those offered by your competitors.  It helps you to secure your existing customer by showing where the goods or services came from, which represents the quality of the item and gives accountability to that business, but it also builds the brand image.


Global Services Coverage

Assistance on registering trademark globally including in China, Hong Kong, the United States, the European Union, South East Asian countries, and others.


Our services from pre-registration consultation, professional analysis to follow-up application until success on registration.

Other Services

Company Formation & Business Establishment
Company Secretarial Services
Virtual Office Services
Value Added Services